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Life After You is the fourth title in the Nettie series. After spending the summer in Rome, Nettie returns home to start her junior year of high school while her boyfriend, Derek Peters leaves for college and Nettie worries that the distance will mean the end of their relationship. Nettie's friendships are what keep her going, but her most important friendship-the one with Andrew Wyatt-is rockier than ever, especially after the kissing incident at the Drama Club's Haunted House exhibit. Nettie tries to deny her feelings for Andrew, she tries to remember that her relationship with Derek is unfinished, but, like magnets, Nettie and Andrew cannot be kept apart. Eventually, their feelings for each other reach a point of no return and Andrew demands an answer once and for all. What will Nettie do? Whom will she chose? Derek, the boy who turned her life around, or Andrew, the boy she's known and loved her entire life?

Thirteen-year-old Nettie LuAnne Gaines feels cursed. Being named after her great-grandmother with a name she despises, she's teased by the kids at school. Her nonexistent chest and slim hips leave her looking a bit boyish, even though she's not athletic. If that weren't enough, the love of her life, Andrew Wyatt, is dating her number one enemy, Drew Summers, the most popular and evil girl in her school.Nettie wonders why so many bad things happen to her. Three years earlier, her older brother died in a car accident, and then her parents got divorced. For a thirteen-year-old, she's already seen a lot of change. When her mother starts dating her eighth-grade teacher, she thinks life can't get any worse. But life for Nettie does get worse, much worse, as her sworn enemy takes evil to a new level.But with a little luck and some help from unexpected friends, Nettie rediscovers an interest that she thought had died with her brother. Through standing up for herself and utilizing her own natural talents, Nettie learns that being herself just might not be so bad after all.

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Four years after her brother's death and her parents' divorce, things are finally starting to improve for Nettie Gaines. She is singing again, starting high school, and looking forward to a future-one that includes Andrew Wyatt. It has taken a long time for Nettie and Andrew to repair their friendship, but now it has blossomed into something more. Nettie is so grateful that Andrew is back in her life, especially as her mother remarries and her estranged father shows up on her doorstep. Nettie is not the only one whose family has been torn apart. Andrew's sister was riding in the car with Nettie's brother the night he died. But all of that takes a back seat when Andrew is awarded the starting quarterback position on the JV football team. Under pressure from his father and his coaches, Andrew takes the field hoping to finally silence his critics. Meanwhile, two new friends, Derek and Lennon, impact Nettie's life more than she ever dreamed. Although Nettie and Andrew both feel unstoppable, they are in for the harsh reality that life in high school often brings. In this compelling young adult novel-a sequel to The World Spins Madly On-two high school freshmen must face the consequences when secrets are uncovered that put their relationship to the test.

Everything in Nettie's life is changing again. Her relationship with Andrew Wyatt is over, and her father is engaged to her enemy's mother. But as her sophomore year approaches, Nettie realizes that not all the changes in her life are bad. Her new love, Derek Peters, makes her smile every day. Her relationship with best friend Elisa is stronger than ever. And her new friendship with fast-talking Lennon Eamesly definitely makes life more entertaining. Surrounded by a good group of friends, and with the support of her loving mother and stepfather, Nettie prepares for her second year of high school. As for Andrew, things aren't exactly going according to plan. Somehow, Nettie slipped through his fingers and into the arms of another, and his sister Jenna's life is crumbling right before his eyes. As if that isn't enough to deal with, there's also the ever-mounting pressure of his football career. Andrew is not exactly looking forward to his sophomore year, but he does have a plan: have a winning football season, and win back the girl of his dreams. In the third installment of the Nettie series, A Little Faith, Nettie and Andrew struggle to remain friends after their breakup while learning that secrets not only have a way of revealing themselves, but very often explode and threaten to ruin everything.