Caroline T Patti


To protect her family's future, a teen girl joins the Sponsored Program and undergoes genetic altering, chemical enhancement and training for a future war she's keen to fight, until she discovers she's on the wrong side. But taking her life back won't be easy, even with super powers, as the corruption runs deep into the upper levels of government in the year 2045.

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The highly acclaimed sequel to  Into the Dark...

Mercy’s family is back together and the threat of danger appears to have passed. But any relief she feels is short lived as she is ripped from her body and thrown in jail. Gage and Nathaniel’s plans to break Mercy out won’t exactly be easy. Stuffed full of a chemical binding agent, Mercy is trapped inside the body of a convict without the ability to breach and set herself free. Unfortunately for Mercy, being trapped in jail becomes the least of her problems when she meets her evil twin, Justice.